My persona name is Coblaith Muimnech. I live in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. I've learned a lot from the information other members of the S.C.A. have made available online, and have decided to repay that debt by sharing what I can, here.

I'm interested in a few different areas of S.C.A. life. The information here is grouped accordingly.



Early-Period Ireland

My persona is Gaelic and "lives" in Munster, near Cork, between 850 and 950 C.E. I'm researching a couple of topics related to life in that period. In the mean time, I am proud to present Finnacan Dub's Early Gaelic Dress: An Introduction. If you're interested in dressing to suit early Ireland or Scotland, I highly recommend reading it.


I've collected quite a few period images of baskets.


I've compiled a number of resources related to heraldry in period and in the S.C.A., including collections of emblazons from a few manuscripts, articles on sometimes-confusing heraldic terms, and information on some specific rules related to heraldry in the Society and the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

This is also where you'll find information on my A&S 50 Challenge, since I decided to go with a heraldic topic.


I've written several articles on historic names and naming practices and on the way Society names are researched and registered.

Making Clothing and Accessories

Thus far, I have to offer instructions for making:

and pointers on a few techniques (the making of pom-poms and built-in tassels and a few different hand-sewing stitches) that might come in handy.

Making S.C.A.-Appropriate Gifts

Giving things away is a big part of life in the S.C.A. We present each other with largesse, thank-you gifts, momentoes, tokens, and favors. We donate prizes for competitions and raffles, sale items for auctions, and goodies for fundraisers of all kinds. Every time you turn around at an event, somebody's giving somebody something. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, myself, so I figured it makes sense to share some of the ones I've had.

A period sewing kit is a handy thing to have on hand. Even those who don't do a lot of hand sewing may find themselves with a torn hem or a lost button at an event and need the proper tools to fix it. And a lot of SCAdians eventually take up sewing, because it makes it so much easier to get good clothing for events.

Kids' Activities

I was Minister of Children for my barony for two years, and my lord served for the same period beginning a year later. We came up with some good kids' activities (I think), and I've decided to share some ideas here.

So far, I've written up information on:

Miscellaneous Topics

Early 17th-Century Italian Interjections, for those who want to pepper their speech at events with a few persona-appropriate phrases or who've just wondered how a late-period Italian might've said, "Ugh."

This page was written and is maintained by Coblaith Muimnech. Please do not reproduce any part of it without express permission.