These pages relate to the intersection of my interest in basketry and my participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

At the moment, the only real content they have (other than the annotated links below) is a collection of medieval and Renaissance images of baskets that might be used as inspiration or documentation for specific techniques.

Sources for Information on Medieval Baskets and Basketry.

Compleat Anachronist volume 77, "Medieval Baskets in Our Modern World", is available from the S.C.A. Stockclerk for US$4.50 (domestic shipping included). It was issued in January of 1995, and written and illustrated by HL Elfwyn de Barfleur. It includes information on documentable and plausible materials, weaves, and embellishments for re-creationists' baskets and an introduction to basic basketweaving techniques. It also suggests some basket types common to various parts of Europe, and offers a bibliography for further research.

The SCA Basketry Yahoo! Group is a low-volume e-mail discussion group dedicated to the exchange of information on medieval baskets and basket-making. Its files include photos of basket fragments from the Viking Age dug up in Oseberg and Lund.

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