Ideas for S.C.A. Kids' Activities

I was my barony's Minister of Children for two years, and a year later my lord took over the office and served for two, as well. We had similar ideas about what kids' activities should be, and coordinated and/or taught a number of classes that met our personal criteria in those four years. Several times, during my service or his and after, I've heard comments like, "I might volunteer to be MoC, but I wouldn't know what to do with the kids," or, "If only some of the Society's experienced teachers would put their lesson plans on the Web, it would make it so much easier for people planning activities at events." So I decided to put information about some of our lessons up. I hope it will be helpful, and encourage a few more kids' activities that:

  1. offer the kids who participate the same benefits that adult classes in the Society offer the adults (the opportunity to learn something about the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance, a chance to develop a new skill that could contribute to one's personal participation in the Society, and/or an impetus to try a new creative outlet, for example),
  2. fit into the atmosphere our events are intended to evoke ("of the pre-17th century European Middle Ages and Renaissance", according to the Society's Governing Documents) at least as well as do the other activities taking place at the events at which they're held, and
  3. don't involve the pointless waste of materials. (I happen to think that cutting down swaths of forest to make construction paper so kids can glue it together and then throw it away three hours later is a shockingly irresponsible choice.)

So far, I've recorded information on activities involving:

tablet weaving--a means of producing narrow wares (ribbons, ties, strapping, etc.) using minimal tools that lends itself well to beautiful patterns in texture and color

butter making


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