These are works in which baskets appear, including most of those from which the images in my collection are drawn. In some cases, the artists may not have titled the works, and subsequent scholars may have assigned various descriptives to them. Those included in the Web Gallery of Art are, almost without exception, named here as they are there.

12th Century C.E.

illustration from the month of September in the Weinlese Psalter, c. 1180

13th Century C.E.

illustrations from the Maciejowski bible, c. 1250:

14th Century C.E.

The Presentation in the Temple, Giotto di Bondone, c. 1303-1305
The Effects of Good Government on the City Life, Abrogio Lorenzetti, 1338-1340
The Presentation of Christ, Melchior Broederlam, 1393-1399

15th Century C.E.

sculpture of St. Dorothy by an unknown Hungarian master, 1410-1420
folio 9v of Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc du Berry, 1413-1416
The Adoration of the Magi, unknown German master, c. 1420
The Magician, Hieronymus Bosch, 1475
Virgin and Child with Sts. John the Baptist and Verdiana, unknown Italian master,1490s
Lot Fleeing with His Daughters from Sodom, Albrecht Dürer, c. 1498
Marriage of St. Catherine, unknown Hungarian master, c. 1500
illustrations from the French book of hours catalogued in the Bodleian as MS Buchanan e. 3, c.1500:

16th Century C.E.

Triptych of Hywain (outer wings), Hieronymus Bosch, 1500-1502
The Wayfarer, Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1510
Lady with a Basket of Spindles, Jocopo Pontormo, c.1516
The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, Lucas Cranach the Elder, c. 1516
Vertumnus and Pomona, Jocopo Pontormo, 1519-1521
St. Dorothy with the Basket of Flowers, Matthias Grünewald, c. 1520
Madonna and Child with the Milk Soup, Gerard David, c.1520
Holy Family, Bernaert van Orley, 1522
Virgil Suspended in a Basket, Lucas van Leyden, 1525
The Butcher's Stall, Pieter Aertsen, 1551
The Egg Dance, Pieter Aertsen, 1557
Cook in Front of the Stove, Pieter Aertsen, 1559
Christ and the Adulteress, Pieter Aertsen, 1559
several market scenes (all apparently unnamed) by Pieter Aertsen, mid-century
Peasants by the Hearth, Pieter Aertsen, 1560s
Vendor of Fowls, Pieter Aertsen, 1560s
Market Woman with Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry, Joachim Beuckelaer, 1564
Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, Joachim Beuckelaer, 1565
The Vegetable Market, Joachim Beuckelaer, 1567
The Four Elements, Joachim Beuckelaer

The Cook, Joachim Beuckalaer, 1574
Woman Selling Vegetables, Joachim Beuckalaer, b. 1530, d. 1574
The Flight into Egypt, Joachim Beuckalaer, b. 1530, d. 1574
Market Scene, Joachim Beuckalaer, b. 1530, d. 1574
Vegetable Seller, Joachim Beuckalaer, b. 1530, d. 1574
Apostles Peter and John, Pieter Aertsen, 1575
illustrations from Hans Weigel's Book of Costume, 1577

The Fruit Seller, Vincenzo Campi, 1580
The Last Supper, Tintoretto, 1592-1594
Boy with a Basket of Fruit, Caravaggio, c. 1593
Basket of Fruit, Caravaggio, c.1597
The Annunciation, el Greco, 1596-1600
The Purification of the Temple, el Greco, c.1600

immediately post-period

A Table Laden with Flowers and Fruit, master of the Hartford still-life, 1600-1610
Supper at Emmaus, Caravaggio, 1601-02
St. Luke Painting the Virgin Mary, Marten de Vos, 1602
Kitchen Scene, Joachim Wtewael, 1605
Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables, and Two Lizards, master of the Hartford still-life, before 1607
Adoration of the Shepherds, Caravaggio, 1609
Holy Family with St. Elizabeth, the Young St. John the Baptist, and an Angel, Orazio Borgianni, c. 1609
The Holy Family, Sisto Badalocchio, c. 1610


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