I've been collecting images of baskets from the period studied by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Many of them are presented here, in JPEGs which also cite their origins.

These images are offered as a quick reference for re-enactors who want to get an idea of what baskets from this period looked like, or who are seeking evidence that a particular basket type or characteristic existed in Europe before the 17th century C.E. In order to minimize the storage space and bandwidth they use, I have reduced their resolution considerably. They are not of print quality.

At least some of these paintings weren't titled by their creators. Different scholars may assign different descriptives to some of them, which may make finding them in books difficult. The names I use here are, in most cases, those used by the Web Gallery of Art.

I intend to add to this collection over time, and welcome any information on artists or works I should investigate for the purpose. I am especially interested in early-period images; please contact me if you should find any. Photographs of basket fragments found in archaeological digs are also welcome.

You may view:

I have also written up list of sources from which these images are drawn.


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