Heraldic Devices by Gutun Owain

These images are from a genealogy in the manuscript known as LlGC 3026C, which was created by Gutun Owain sometime between 1488 and 1498 in Wales. The individuals represented are figures from Welsh mythical history.

The name of the person to whom each device is attributed appears above its emblazon in the manuscript. Transcriptions of the names appear here (again above the emblazons) courtesy of Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn. The blazons given are my own. (If you spot an error, please let me know.)

Eneas Ysgwydwynn

Argent, a lion passant gules. 

Ector Gadarn

Per pale or and azure, lions combattant argent.



Or, a lion passant gules.  


Or, a lion passant bendwise gules.


Or, a lion passant gules.


Argent, in pale two lions passant gules.

 Brutus Darianlas

Azure, a lion passant Or.


Or, a lion passant gules.


Azure, a lion passant Or. 

 Dyfnwal Moelmud

Per pale Or and argent, a lion passant gules.


Azure, three crowns argent two and one.


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