Rules for the Italian tongue.

Of certaine Prepoſitions ſeldome or neuer uſed alone.

NOte that the Italians make frequent uſe of certaine Prepoſitions, Particles, or as ſome call them, Affixes or Adiuncts, wereof ſome are ſeldome, and ſome others, neuer vſed alone, either in ſpeaking or writing, but commonly and for the moſt part are affixed and ioyned unto Verbs, and ſometimes unto Nounes in the beginning, which make that infinite number of compouns uſed in the Italian tongue, alening and inforcing the Primitiues to which they are affixed, according to the power, worth, or ſignification that ſuch Prepoſitions haue in the Latine tongue, from which most of them are deriued and taken. A thing, in mine opinion, most-most neceſſarie to be knowen, and which I could yet neuer ſee noted or collected by any that hath treated of that tongue. And theſe are the chiefeſt, whereof I haue noted and giuen ſeurall and diuers examples.

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