Rules for the Italian tongue.

Of Comparatiues and how to frame them.

NOte that the Italians haue but ſixe comparatiues that may be expreſſed in one word, that is to ſay, Maggióre. Minóre. Meglióre. Peggióre. Superióre. Inferióre. which may as well be counted Latine as Italian. All the reſt may be framed by placing any of theſe two Aduerbs of quantity, Più or Méno, before any Adiectiue, as thus, Amáro. Più amáro. Méno amáro. Bello. Più bello. Men bello. Cáro. Più cáro. Mén cáro. Dótto. Più dótto. Mén dótto. Gránde. Più gránde. Mén gránde. And ſo of all the reſt.

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