Shields and Escutcheons in the Manesse Codex

collected by Coblaith Muimnech

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This table contains devices with uncharged fields (plain and divided) and devices that are charged only with ordinaries.

Above each device appears the folio number and the modern German version of the heading for the page on which it appears. Clicking on any number should take you to the Heidelberg University Library page for that folio, where you can see the device in its original context.

At least a partial blazon appears below each device. They are there to make it easier for anyone looking for a specific charge or field division to find it. Many of them are very rough, and some include standard-English descriptions of elements I was unsure how to blazon (enclosed in brackets) or are simply missing parts.

This table contains 22 devices with uncharged fields and10 devices charged only with ordinaries.


Table 3: Fields Charged Only with Ordinaries or Not At All

 Der Dürner


 Graf Albrecht von Heigerloch

Per fess argent and gules.

Herr Birkart von Hohenfels

Per fess vert and sable.

Der Tannhäuser

Per fess sable and or.

Herr Heinrich von Veldeke

Per bend or and gules. 

 Bruder Eberhard von Sax

Per pale or and gules. 

Herr Heinrich von Sax

Per pale or and gules.

Der Püller

Per pale or and azure.

 Von Wengen

Quarterly or and gules.

Herr Jakob von Warte

Per saltire azure and argent.

Herr Leuthold von Seven

Per chevron or and lozengy azure and argent.

Herr Kristan von Hamle

Sable chapé gules.

 Von Scharpfenberg

Tierced per bend gules, or, and azure.

 Graf Konrad von Kirchberg

Bendy argent and gules.

 Herr Walther von Klingen

Bendy sinister gules and or.

Note that this is the back of the shield; it may or may not be intended to represent the fighter's arms.

 Herr Dietmar der Setzer

Bendy gules and vert.

Note that this is the back of the shield; it may or may not be intended to represent the fighter's arms.


Argent, a bend sable.

Herr Reinmar von Brennenberg

Sable, a bend dancetty gules.

Herr Heinrich von Frauenberg

Barry gules (?) and argent.

Note that this is the back of the shield; it may or may not be intended to represent the fighter's arms.

  Herr Walther von Metze

Barry gules and counter-compony sable and azure.

 Der von Wildonie

Barry sable and azure.

Der Markgraf von Hohenburg

Tierced per fess gules, argent, and sable.

 Der Hardegger

Tierced per fess sable, argent, and gules.

Kristan von Luppin, eine Thüring

Vert, a bar gules and another sable.

Von Raute

Checky or and sable, a cross gules.

 Graf Rudolf von Neuenburg

Paly or and chevronelly gules and argent.

 Herr Reinmar der Alte

Barry or and azure, a pale gules.

Herr Heinrich von Rugge

Or, a pale vair.

Der von Sachendorf

Gules, a saltire vair and a chief or. 

Herr Konrad von Altstetten

Barry azure and sable, a chief sable.

Herr Ulrich von Lichtenstein

Chevronelly or and azure, a chief gules. 

Von Munegiur

Pily in point sable and azure, a chief or.


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