Shields and Escutcheons in the Manesse Codex

collected by Coblaith Muimnech

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This table contains shields and escutcheons with inanimate charges, including:

Above each device appears the folio number and the modern German version of the heading for the page on which it appears. Clicking on any number should take you to the Heidelberg University Library page for that folio, where you can see the device in its original context.

At least partial blazons appear below each device. They are there to make it easier for anyone looking for a specific charge or field division to find it. Many of them are very rough, and some include standard-English descriptions of elements I was unsure how to blazon (enclosed in brackets) or are simply missing parts.


Table 2: Inanimate Charges

Herr Rudolf von Rotenburg

Or, a castle gules.

Herr Otto vom Turne

Or, a tower sable.

Der Dürner

Argent, a bell tower proper.

Graf Wernher von Homberg


Or, a pitcher gules. (?)

Herr Gottfried von Neifen

Azure, three horns sable, stringed gules.

Herr Bruno von Hornberg

Or, in fess two horns palewise, bells to center (?), and in base a trimount couped sable.

Herr Bligger von Steinach

Azure, a harp or.

Herr Reinmar der Fiedler

Azure, a fiddle (?) or.

Von Buchheim

Gules, an open folio argent lettered sable.

 Meister Heinrich Teschler

Argent, a purse sable.

Heinrich von Tettingen

Or, a sickle proper.

Von Stadegge

Gules, three dice argent.

   Der von Gliers

Gules, a key or.

Der Burggraf von Regensburg

Gules, in saltire two keys or.

Schenk Ulrich von Winterstetten

Or, a crampon bendwise reversed sable.

Rost, Kirchherr zu Sarnen

Argent, a gridiron sable within a bordure gules semy of cinquefoils or.

I've also put this device in the "animate charges" table, with the cinquefoils. 


Argent, in bend sinister a hammer proper, a snake glissant knowed vert and a pair of tongs sable, all bendwise. ???

I've also put this device in the "animate charges" table, for the snake.

Herr Wolfram von Eschenbach

Gules, two cleavers sable addorsed.

Von Suonegge

Azure, a cushion sable [marked in some way] argent (?).

  Herr Rubin

Azure, a finger-ring or gemmed gules.

Johann von Ringgenberg

Gules, in pale a D-shaped buckle tongue to chief and a tri-mount couped sable. 

Herr Wilhelm von Heinzenburg

Azure, an arming buckle Or
gemmed of diverse tinctures.

 Der Schenk von Limpurg

Azure, three flanged maces sable.

 Herr Heinrich von Stretlingen

Or, an arrowhead throughout bendwise inverted gules.

Herr Wachsmut von Mühlhausen

Azure, three arrowheads inverted in pall or. 

Der von Kürenberg

Or, [some charge] azure.

Herr Wernher von Teufen

Gules, a helm affronty or crested with a demi-eagle sable.

Der Litschauer

Or, a helm gules crested with an eagle's wing azure veined with ivy argent.

Herzog Johann von Brabant

Per bend gules and vert, in chief a spur rowel argent.

Von Trostberg

Azure, a spur rowel sable pierced gules fimbriated argent.

Graf Wernher von Homberg

Gules, in chief a mullet of eight points argent.


Argent, three mullets of eight points sable and a label gules.

Herr Heinrich von der Mure

Azure, on a bend sable two mullets of eight points or.

Herr Heinrich von Morungen

Azure, three crescents sable, each [tipped with] two mullets of eight points or.

Der Winsbeke

Azure, three bezants.

König Konrad der Junge

Or, a Latin cross botony sable.

Graf Wernher von Homberg

Or, a fleur-de-lys gules.

Kristan von Luppin, eine Thüring

Argent, Argent, issuant from the
topmost of scarpes gemel a demi-fleur-de-lys gules.

 Herr Bergner von Horheim

Azure, four fleurs-de-lys in cross points to center or.

Herr Niune

Per chevron azure and or fleury at the point.

Graf Friedrich von Leiningen

Sable, [some writing] argent.

Herr Alram von Gresten

Or, on a bend azure the word "Amor" argent


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