Shields and Escutcheons in the Manesse Codex

collected by Coblaith Muimnech

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This table contains shields and escutcheons with animate charges, including:

Above each device appears the folio number and the modern German version of the heading for the page on which it appears. Clicking on any number should take you to the Heidelberg University Library page for that folio, where you can see the device in its original context.

At least partial blazons appear below most devices. They are there to make it easier for anyone looking for a specific charge or field division to find it. Many of them are very rough, and some include standard-English descriptions of elements I was unsure how to blazon (enclosed in brackets) or are simply missing parts.


Table 1: Animate Charges

 König Wenzel von Böhmen

Gules, a lion queue fourchy argent crowned or.

Herr Walther von Klingen

Sable billety or, a lion argent crowned or.

Note that the billets were left off the smaller escutcheon.

Herr Meinloh von Sevelingen

Sable, three lion's heads couped affronty argent crowned or.

Herr Goeli

Gules, a lion checky argent and sable crowned or.

 Markgraf Heinrich von Meißen

Or, a lion sable.

Herr Ulrich von Gutenburg

Or, a lion sable, overall a fess gules.

Herr Hesso von Reinach

Or, a lion gules headed azure.

Herr Konrad, der Schenk von Landeck

Argent, in pale two lions passant gules crowned or.

 Herzog Johann von Brabant

Quarterly argent, a lion gules, and sable, a lion or.

König Tyro von Schotten

Or, a palmer proper.

Herr Pfeffel

Azure, a man's head cropped at the shoulders issuant from base proper vested argent capped or.

Meister Heinrich Frauenlob

Vert, a woman's head cropped at the shoulders, crowned or.

Graf Kraft von Toggenburg

Or, a dog statant sable collared gules.

Hartmann von Starkenberg

Or, a talbot's head couped sable eared argent.

Herr Dietmar der Setzer

Or, a wolf's head couped vert.

Der Düring

Gules, a wolf's head couped or.

Meister Johannes Hadlaub

Or, a fox rampant argent gorged gules.

Herr Heinrich von Frauenberg

Azure, a gryphon or.  

  Herr Hawart

Or, a bear's head couped sable.

Herr Dietmar von Ast

Azure, a unicorn rampant argent.

Von Singenberg, Truchseß zu St. Gallen

Azure, a demi-stag courant sable.

Kaiser Heinrich

Or, an eagle sable.

 Kristan von Luppin, eine Thüring

Or, an eagle sable.

Herzog Heinrich von Breslau

Or, an eagle sable.

 Graf Wernher von Homberg

Or, in pale two eagles sable.

  König Wenzel von Böhmen

Azure, an eagle checky argent and gules. 

  Markgraf Otto von Brandenburg

Argent, an eagle gules.

 Graf Friedrich von Leiningen

Azure, three eagles argent.

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Per pale gules, an eagle dimidiated by the line of division argent, and barry Or and sable.

 Herr Reinmar von Zweter

Gules, an eagle with its wings terminating in eagle's heads proper.

 Graf Otto von Botenlauben

Per fess or and checky gules and argent, a two-headed demi-eagle issuant from the line of division sable.

Herr Hartmann von Aue

Azure, three eagle's heads argent.

Von Stamheim

Or, a hawk proper.

Von Buwenburg

Or, [some kind of bird] sable.

Herr Hiltbold von Schwangau

Gules, a swan close statant to sinister argent.

Albrecht Marschall von Rapperswil

Argent, a cock sable.

Herr Walther von der Vogelweide

Gules, a songbird close regardant argent within a cage or.

Wachsmut von Künzingen

Azure (?), two fish sable.

Der Düring

Azure, a fish embowed or.

Herr Engelhardt von Adelnburg

Or, in pale two lobster claws fesswise gules.

or maybe

Or, two cloven hooves fesswise gules.


Argent, in bend sinister a hammer proper, a snake glissant knowed vert and a pair of tongs sable, all bendwise. ???

I've also put this device in the "inanimate charges" table, for the tools.

Albrecht Marschall von Rapperswil

Sable, a cinquefoil argent slipped and leaved vert.

Der Burggraf von Rietenburg

Or, on a bend gules three cinquefoils argent.

Der von Johansdorf

Per fess gules and pily in point sable and azure, in chief two cinquefoils argent.

Herr Brunwart von Augheim

Or, on a pale sable three cinquefoils argent.

  Herr Friedrich der Knecht

Per saltire or and azure, in pale two cinquefoils gules and in fess two cinquefoils sable.

Herr Geltar

Per fess sable, two roses gules, and
azure, two pallets compony or and gules.

Der Marner

Per fess or and azure, a cinquefoil gules and a bar argent.

Meister Friedrich von Sonnenburg

Or, two piles inverted azure the points ending in cinquefoils gules.

 Von Wissenlo

Or, on a fess azure two cinquefoils purpure.

Der Burggraf von Lienz

Azure, a cinquefoil or slipped and leaved vert. 

Herr Heinrich Hetzbold von Weißensee

Bendy argent and azure semy of cinquefoils or.

Rost, Kirchherr zu Sarnen

Argent, a gridiron sable within a bordure gules semy of cinquefoils or.

I've also put this device in the "inanimate charges" table, for its primary charge.

Der tugendhafte Schreiber

Sable, three columbines azure petalled gules.

Bruder Wernher

Or, a columbine vert petalled azure.


Argent, two piles inverted gules the points ending in columbines gules petalled azure.

Der Düring

Argent semy of trefoils gules.

Der Taler

Argent, five bulrushes sable slipped vert issuant from a mount azure.

Herr Günther von dem Vorste

Or, a linden branch bearing three leaves proper.


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