Crests in the Manesse Codex

collected by Coblaith Muimnech

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Above each crest appears the folio number and the modern German version of the heading for the page on which it appears. Clicking on any number should take you to the Heidelberg University Library page for that folio, where you can see the crest in its original context.


Table 3: Unrelated Crests

This table includes crests that appear with escutcheons or shields with which they have no heraldic elements (other than, in a few cases, some tinctures) in common. Among these are:

König Tyro von Schotten

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Herzog Johann von Brabant

Graf Kraft von Toggenburg

 Markgraf Heinrich von Meißen

Graf Friedrich von Leiningen

Graf Wernher von Homberg

Herr Walther von Klingen

Bruder Eberhard von Sax

Herr Heinrich von Sax

Herr Heinrich von Stretlingen

Herr Meinloh von Sevelingen

Von Singenberg, Truchseß zu St. Gallen

 Herr Walther von Metze

Herr Bligger von Steinach


Of course, this shield might have matched the crest, eventually, if the artist had finished the picture.

Herr Ulrich von Lichtenstein

 Von Buchheim

Herr Konrad von Altstetten

Von Raute

Albrecht Marschall von Rapperswil

Herr Otto vom Turne

Herr Bergner von Horheim

Herr Ulrich von Gutenburg

Der Schenk von Limpurg

Johann von Ringgenberg

Von Munegiur

 König Wenzel von Böhmen

 König Wenzel von Böhmen

 Markgraf Otto von Brandenburg



Table 4: Crests That Stand Alone

This table contains 15 crests (17 if you count the horses' crests separately from their riders') that are not associated with shields or escutcheons.

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Der Herzog von Anhalt

Herzog Johann von Brabant

Graf Wernher von Homberg

Herr Goesli von Ehenheim

 Herr Goesli von Ehenheim


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